Why choose us

Why choose us?

Why choose us

We go through extreme lengths to ensure that the water in your bottle is in every way indicated to the water that flows from its source in Creston Hill. C’est La Vie is ontouched by man until it touches your lips. C’est La Vie mineral water’s silky texture and pleasant taste makes it exceptionally consumable.

The C’estLaVie distribution headquarters is in the heart of Johannesburg and delivers for free through Master Chip and Veg throughout Johannesburg.  A comprehensive fleet of refridgerated trucks ensure that you receive any order on time and ready for consumption.

Our sales representatives are trained and supplied with all the necessary information to ensure the client has all C’estLaVie product and company facts at their fingertips.

C’estLaVie online gives the customer the freedom to order, get company and product information to and order products with ease.  Browse through our website to receive the full online experience.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest C’estLaVie Facts.